Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

Here Are the Fast Food Restaurants Where You Can Still Grab a Bite on Thanksgiving

Here Are the Fast Food Restaurants Where You Can Still Grab a Bite on Thanksgiving


Listen. I don’t know what your Thanksgiving plans are. It’s none of my business! But should you need them, here are a bunch of fast food places open on Thanksgiving Day.


Burger King

Burger King typically doesn’t close restaurants on holidays, but it does change their hours a bit. Call ahead (of course) to be sure of your local’s hours, but then go forth and eat.



Again, please be sure to call ahead before you just show up on Thanksgiving hangry for pizza and pizza alone, but chances are, your local Domino’s will be ready for you.



Listen, coffee and donuts feels really Thanksgiving-ish, honestly. Go ahead and hit up your local Dunkin’ if that’s something you’re craving that day.


Jack in the Box

Go say hi (and happy Thanksgiving) to Jack! He’ll be happy to see you.


Little Caesars

Get your pizza fix before your turkey. We won’t judge. We never do.



Yes! Most McDonald’s locations will be open on Thanksgiving. That said, hours may be a bit different than usual. That thing I said about calling ahead of time? Do that again.



Who needs turkey when you’ve got fried chicken? (Again, call ahead just to double check, but you should be good to go.)



Yes! Many—not all, but many—Sonic Drive-ins are open on Thanksgiving Day. So go, you know, drive in!


Steak ‘n’ Shake

Thanksgiving milkshakes for everyone!



Yup! Most Wendy’s restaurants are open just about every day that isn’t Christmas or Easter.


White Castle

Same deal with White Castle—all locations will be open and serving turkey sliders, should you so choose.